Cooking With Kentucky Bourbon


Cooking With Kentucky Bourbon is not only a cookbook, but a family history. Full of recipes, photos and anecdotes about the Willett and Kulsveen family, you'll be sure to find your next cocktail, dinner plans and topic of conversation.

From the Author:

"Almost forty years ago I published “Cooking With Kentucky Bourbon”. Once again the recipes are a compilation of generational favorites, as well as an array of new recipes. These are recipes we serve at Beechwold for family dinners and when we entertain our friends. I feel confident that our recipes will continue to be fine tuned and developed, based on the interest in the kitchen by so many of the next generations.

We are family that thrives on tradition, integrity, and most importantly, we cherish one another and recognize the importance of instilling this believe in our future generations. Martha, Even, Britt, Drew and Janelle have done a magnificent job in maintaining and excelling the distillery. They each act with grace, dignity, charm and ease with people much like my parents, Thompson and Virginia Willett. Please enjoy our recipes, sip our bourbon and come visit with us, we’d love to see you." Alice Willett Heaton

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Cooking with Kentucky Bourbon

I order three of one husband one each for my daughter s for their socking for Christmas. Going make sweet potatoes for Christmas dinner.All the recipe sound wonderful. Can’t wait to try all of the recipe. Thank you Kathys Willett Kathys Willett

Cooking With Bourbon

Had to purchase the cookbook after JD gave our group a tour of the beautiful distillery and talked about his Bourbon Chocolate Pie. And let me tell you it is delicious! Jolie

Family History

Ok, now I HAVE to buy the cookbook! :-) My mother's maiden name was Willett, and my name is Alice. It's written in the stars!! Alice

Adorable cookbook!

Love this. Also makes a great gift! Unique and fun recipes! Brittany

Cooking with Bourbon

I have the original written by Alice’s aunt and this new addition is a great compliment. The family history is wonderful along with the recipes. As a member of the Moore family and the Willett family I think this is a great tribute to cooking, bourbon and love. Thank you Alice! Patricia Pardieu Kochert
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